Welcome to Kimono Boutique!

Women's gear designed specifically for female grapplers. 

No more ill-fitting, excessively branded gear. Our aim is to design apparel that holds through all your tough trainings, while keeping you comfortable and ready for action. From high-waisted pants, hidden mouthguard pockets, and more... every design is created with your needs in mind.


The future of women's gear




Meet the founder 

Hi! I'm Amanda Bruse. When I first starting Kimono Boutique, my goal was simply to make gear I wanted to train in. I quickly realized how far behind modern women's designs were. Almost none of my training partners were happy with the current selection, and they were seeking change. From there, Kimono Boutique was born. I hope to use this brand as a means to connect women in the community have their voices heard on and off the mats.