Our Rebrand Journey - Kimono Boutique

Our Rebrand Journey

Our Rebrand Journey

If you've taken a peek at our latest rashguards, you'll see a fresh, reimagined emblem — we've undergone a rebrand. But why this change?

At the heart of our decision was the desire for our logo to mirror the essence of our brand. Our updated emblem, shaped in the likeness of a phoenix, holds deep resonance. Across cultures and ages, the phoenix stands as an emblem of rebirth, regeneration, and timeless vigor. It's a potent representation of resilience and renewal. This aligns seamlessly with our mission for female jiu jitsu apparel and serves as an emblematic nod to the inherent strength of women in the sport. For many of us, jiu jitsu isn't just a discipline; it's a conduit for personal evolution. This transformative journey deserved a symbol, and our new logo beautifully encapsulates it.

While we may steer clear of the stereotypical bright pinks and floral designs often tagged as "female apparel", we haven’t forgotten the elegance of femininity. We've strived for a balance, imbibing our brand with strength and grace in equal measure.

Your support since our inception means the world to us. We look forward to you accompanying us in this renewed phase. Our vision is clear: we want you to feel empowered every time you wear Kimono Boutique... to roll with confidence. So, here’s to every roll, every grip, every move - made with confidence.



Warm regards, Amanda at Kimono Boutique



Check out our new logo below !